brief - Swiss Original Handmade contest

Create works that tell stories of Swiss 

originality, in the most precise, pertinent and Swiss modalities and contents, and in 

the most ironic, interpretative and 

disruptive contents.

The design recalls that of the cheese wheel section. The handmade product is my interpretation of an artistic brief. We no longer speak of industrial production, but of unique pieces.



These are natural elements that act against the intended odours. The project welcomes them in the painting giving a hint of colour and contrasting the smell of cheese in the fridge.

Mounting material chosen for the lid which at the same time is a chopping board to serve the tastings.


The holes are necessary for air recirculation, to facilitate opening and to distance the grater from the wood.

You can place the grater on your plate or directly in the container.


Inside ArtisanALER there is a canvas. It recalls the history of product storage and can be used both as it once was and simply in the kitchen.

Wet the fabric

Wrap the cheese

Red circle

The graphics depict Swiss themes: the cow, the mountains, the clock and the edelweiss. But there is always one common element: the red circle. The shape refers to the Emmental and the colour to Switzerland and food.